About Us!

98d701c5-f4c0-417b-ac8e-c19581147c46Welcome to my “About” page! Well, to be completely honest I do not have the most exciting and extravagant life. However, this life is what I’ve been working towards! ┬áSo here it goes:

My name is Jennifer. I live in beautiful Nova Scotia. I am 21 years old and I am a CCA working at a local nursing home, and also I am a nursing student! (Almost done!). My boyfriend Terence and I, bought our first home in December. Very shortly after that we adopted our youngest pup Bandit (chihuahua, 8 months old) and rescued our older pup Max. (Beagle, approx. 6 years old).

All of my life and growing up I always wanted a farm. My very own farm! So, this spring we decided we would start looking for some goats. We found our first 2 and recently have brought them home. This blog will be about our country life and our tiny homestead.

Thanks for reading!