Maudie, Toggenburg X Alpine Doeling. DOB: April 2017.

Our little Maudie girl. Yes, if you’re wondering she did get her name from Maud Lewis, and if you don’t know who Maud Lewis is you need to find out. We picked this name because it was right around when the movie “Maudie” came out and we had just seen it. Also, the lady we got Maudie from likes to name her goats with the same first  letter as the mommas which in this case was an ‘M’, so it fit perfectly.

When we first showed up at “Sweetwood Farm” to see Miss. Maudie I fell in love with the place. Such a big beautiful farm! My dream. Chickens, pigs, goats, Guinea hens. Heather (the owner) is so nice and willing to teach and answer all of my questions; which is a lot. The first time there she taught us a little something different about goats that I never knew. I’ve always seen goats with their pupils that look like a little black slit. All goats are like that all the time, right? Wrong! The pupil actually stays round while indoors. While outdoors the pupils expand into that famous “slit”. This gives the goats an expanded peripheral vision, considerably important since they are prey animals.

When we met Maudie she was small, but definitely bigger than Rocky was at this point (she’s still bigger!). Her momma has a beautiful long coat of fur and was very gentle. Maudie also had a brother, and was surrounded by other goats. She was very friendly as well. She is a beautiful chocolate brown with little white markings down each side of her face. She is also starting to have a longer tuff of hair all along her spine which is the start of that beautiful coat her momma passed on to her.


She is now at home with us and is doing great. She loves nibbling at grass and hay. She doesn’t think much of treats but will cuddle you and accept a branch of apple tree leaves. She is super friendly and so adorable. Her breed is two of the best breeds for milk in the goat world. We’re so lucky to have such a great Gal added to our herd.



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