Rocky, Saanen X Nigerian Dwarf Wether. DOB: April 2017

Rocky was our first goat we picked out. He was the sweetest little thing (still is) and so little.  I couldn’t believe how small he was, I knew he would be small but I didn’t think this small. I had never seen a baby goat before.

The first time we went to see him we knew that his name we picked was suiting. Rocky loved to climb all over rocks. All over everything. Running around with the other little ones, jumping, spinning and bumping into each other in between stopping for a milk break with mom for a second. He had a little sister as well, but she was already spoken for, which was disappointing but we would find another goat.

We decided to have him banded (taking his man hood from him) because we didn’t plan to use him for breeding only a companion for other goats, plus bucks (non banded males) will get very stinky.

He was super shy and would run away from us every time we tried to catch him, so a snuggling moment was cherished. Through the weeks leading up to bringing him home the lady we were buying him from would send me lots of pictures and updates. Which was great to watch him grow!

He is now at home with us (I will be writing another post about the day we brought them home). He loves his sister/girlfriend Maudie and loves to climb around in the pasture. He loves bread, apple tree leaves, and scratches on the chest. He Is such a goof ball. He will run to the fence gate if he hears me whistle and start crying! He isn’t as shy anymore and loves a hug. He now likes to run into their little house and slide across the floor like he’s skating. Today I actually watched him crawl around on his front knees while eating grass; Lazy? Either way he’s adorable and certainly a treasured addition to the herd. ❤️


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