Our First Herd Member – Bandit

As said in my first blog, I would write about each of our “herd” members! This one will be about Bandit.

Bandit, Chihuahua. DOB: November, 2016.

Meet our little rascal Bandit. Or as we sometimes call him: Bandito, Bandi, or Señor Bandit.

When my boyfriend and I moved into our first home we had moved from my parents house where we had 3 dogs; a pit bull, a boxer, and a beagle. So, you can only imagine how quiet and lonely it felt (especially when he worked night shift) without a dog!

A month before we moved into our home our little bandit (which we didn’t exactly think was ours at the time) was born. My mother-in-law’s dog Sophie had puppies! We both fell in love with Bandit from the beginning. He was the biggest pup in the litter (which wasn’t saying too much considering he was the size of a hamster) and he had dark fur. His ears weren’t open yet and he couldn’t even walk, he could only squirm about.


So, back to after we moved in.

We talked and talked, and talked… And talked some more! Heck yeah let’s get this puppy! We bought all the “puppy things” and brought him home. When we brought him home he could still fit in the palm of our hands. Merry Christmas to us!

It took a lot of training (especially in the middle of a Canadian winter) to teach bandit that “puppies don’t pee and poop indoors.” But we finally had success. He learned very quickly, by very quickly I mean within days, how to sit, lie down, stay, and high five! He is a smart pooch. His first vet visit at 8 weeks old on December 27th/2016 he weighed in at a whopping 2.11lbs. January 27th/2017 at his 12 week visit he weighed 5.4lbs! It is now almost July and he has grown significantly since then I’m sure he weighs around 8-10 lbs now! Huge I know.

Bandit is not your typical chihuahua. He rarely barks, loved the snow, runs around outside and in the woods, and rough houses with our beagle. He loves to visit my parents and play with the big dogs. He has also made friends with the goats, through the fence!

He is tiny but mighty and we love our little Bandito. 🐶



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