Max, Beagle. DOB: unknown 

Our next member to join the herd was Mr.Max aka. Maxwell house or Maxi.

We had been looking in adoption sites and sifting through lots of profiles of adoptable dogs. None of them really suited our family. Most couldn’t be around other dogs, so that would not work out.

Finally on February 10th. 2017 we found our match!

Someone on Facebook had posted an ad. “Dog to go to good home”. I immediately jumped on it! This was it. I grew up with beagles and he looked so sweet. It did take a little convincing to get Terence on board but he finally agreed that we would go meet this dog. Our biggest concern was him getting along with our puppy bandit.

By the time Terence and I got home from work that night I was nearly busting from the seams I was so excited to go meet max. We left the house around 8pm and headed out for our hour long drive in the snow.

When we got there max was sniffing all around at Bandit (who was in my arms). As soon as I put bandit down it was like they had known each other all along. Tails wagging frantically.

The man who had Max had rescued him from a bad situation, and had planned on using him as a hunting dog for rabbits. Max is a great hunter but unfortunately is scared of guns, he wanted him to just go to a good forever home.

He is 6 years old, we’re not sure when his birthday is so were using the day that he came home. He has many scars and his right ear looks and feels like it had been ripped apart at one point because it is crinkly and scarred/healed differently.

On the drive home we of course stopped at Tim Hortons. The pups got a timbit treat and we’re happy as a kid getting candy.

Since bringing him home was so spur of the moment we didn’t have anything for him. For the first few days he ate out of a cool whip container and had no collar. We finally got him a nice big dog food bowl and of course a camouflage collar. No more cool whip container (we actually still use it to this day as a scoop for their food!)

Since we have brought Max home he has become very comfortable. He loves to cuddle. He has his own spot on our love seat. He LOVES to play, especially with his little brother Bandit. He loves going for walks, drives and especially loves sitting in Terence’s older truck (80’something Mazda). The smell of the old seats is better than our 2014 Chevy. Ha-Ha.


He has really made himself at home and we wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤️





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